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British Cottage Store Front Image

British Cottage Store Front Image
Maybe the best furniture Store in New Jersey

Monday, August 3, 2015

Short and Chic: The New British Cottage Style Blog

     We love blogs and magazines about design.  We love Pinterest and Houzz.  We love catalogues even from stores we don't like because we love to see how they style their products.  We watch HGTV all the time.  But let's face it there are only so many hours in the day.  At some point the laundry has to get done, a trip to the gym is crucial and nobody is cooking you dinner.
    So in the spirit of Twitter and Instagram we are shortening our blog.  Less talk, more action.  Because we have been furniture shopping for almost 30 years we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't.
     Let's start with the foyer.  You need a:
1. Cupboard or Table with Drawers.  Drawers are essential because that is where you stash your keys and hide the bills.
2. Mirror.  Usually foyers are dark and mirrors add light.  Also a great help to make sure you are zipped and groomed before leaving the house.
3. Lamp or two.  See point #2--light is essential.  Plus lamps are pretty.
4. A rug of some sort to absorb the dirt--this should be as dark as possible or inexpensive so you can toss when it gets trashed.
     The idea here is to present a good first impression and prevent the stop and drop stuff upon entry.  The cupboard and mirror we're showing are quite large.  Scale down accordingly--
if you are in an apartment it might be just a mirror and a shelf.
  Now go to the beach.


Parson's style table with drawers, porcelain vase and lamps.
With extra baskets to catch the overflow this makes a foyer function.
Not a foyer but a dining room designed by Lauren Porter--you can see how with a drawer or two this would make a fab entryway. (A lot of this blue and white Chinese porcelain is from British Cottage).